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  • September27th

    Tomorrow is Monday…and like much of the world, I detest Mondays. Not that Monday itself is such a horrible, it’s just that it’s the beginning of an entire 5-day stretch of nothing but work, stress, and school – so it’s really just guilty of being evil because of his successors…poor thing. Nonetheless, Mondays suck (period)

    So I’m gonna try to brighten yours by sharing the songs I’ve been completely stuck on this week…

    “Welcome To Music Monday here at The Ross Chronicles!”

    Happy Monday!



  • September27th




  • September21st

    My friends, Zac and Erica, just left from what I shall refer to as one of the greatest dinner night/get-together/game night that I’ve had in quite some time!

    Aaron and I cooked Peppered Steak, warmed up some garlic bread, and made a super easy desert! Zac and Erica brought over their dog, Monty, to play with Merlot. They became fast friends and were SO cute playing together!  We’ve decided they’re a couple now. haha!

    So if you want to have your own dinner night with a great home-cooked meal, here’s the process to make Peppered Steak – one of my grandmother’s recipes and one of my favorites/specialities!


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  • September16th

    At the current moment, I am sitting on my bed covered in clean sheets in a perfectly cleaned room looking into an amazingly pristine bathroom. Today, I cleaned….a lot.

    I woke up this morning with a feeling that doesn’t come over me often , but I get very excited when it does: the need and the want to clean. I have been cleaning 2 rooms for the past 10 hours, and it has felt amazing. I couldn’t be more proud of my work!

    After leaving Belgium, I decided I was going to try to gain the mindset that I so fell in love with while visiting my parents’ new home. This mindset of which I speak is one of pride, hard work, patience, and dedication. From this day forward, I pledge to adopt these 4 virtues as my own so-called “mantra.”

    I promise to take pride in everything I do. I think this is something I don’t do enough. Actually, I think it’s something that many/most people don’t do enough. While I was in Belgium, Mom and I were walking around and walked by a lady washing her garage door…WITH A SPONGE. Me and Mom looked at and both thought (and audibly expressed) “who does that?!”

    The answer:  someone who is proud of what they do, what they own, and how they live.

    This goal has been moved to the top of my “Lifetime To-Do List.”

    Will it be on your’s?


    – Ross Frazier

  • September15th

    That’s why I’m here. To help you do just that…

    So this is what my internet web browser looks like:

    Screen shot 2009-09-15 at 8.38.39 AM

    Pretty uneventful, I know, but it’s excellent at making my life as productive as possible! It shows me the news headlines and then my email on my homepage. But the reason I’m writing this post doesn’t have to do with what’s on my google homepage – you probably (or hopefully, rather) already have one!

    The reason I’m writing this post is in regards to a very small line of bookmarks that you can barely see in the picture above – so let me zoom in a bit to help us:

    Screen shot 2009-09-15 at 8.46.38 AM

    Notice my bookmarks. This is my Tip Of The Month!

    If you have a bookmark bar (which you should!!!) NEVER put the entire name of the website! That is an absolute waste of space. I have created my own shorthand, so to speak, for my bookmarks. The following bookmarks in the above picture are:

    Google, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Analytics, Google Reader, Google Voice, Facebook, Blackboard, Continuing Education Websit, Twitter, Pandora, The Ross Chronicles, WordPress, Bluehost Control Panel, Bludomain Control Panel…and others that you can’t see in the zoom in.

    But needless to say, in my entire browser I have managed to fit 26 bookmarks across the top of my screen and they are all right there available at a moment’s notice. Notice that for Pandora Radio, I have managed to put a music note. This is by using an alt-code symbol. You can copy and paste them directly from this site.  This saves you even more room – as long as you can make sense of (and remember) what symbol you use for what website.

    Good idea?

    ABSOLUTELY.    So do it.


    – Ross