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Last night we ate Mexican food.

Yes, I am still in Belgium, and instead of feasting on one of their numerous specialities that I won’t get to eat again for quite some time, we unanimously decided to eat Mexican – an international specialty that I get to eat all the time at home…in the south US…being pretty damn close to the Mexican border, all the while being served by people who know four english phrases: “ta drink?” “ready ta order?” “finished?” and “hotplate”.

I must say, though, that eating at this restaurant (aptly named “Restaurant Mexico”) had many similarities. They brought chips and salsa (granted I thought it was a joke at first – see pictures below), they made us cheese sauwce (even though it wasn’t on the menu), everything on the menu consisted of meat + a tortilla, and the waiter only spoke a few useful words of english (however her phrase count was more in the double digits, but still with broken english, so I give her a B++ for effort (it’s RIGHT under an A…SO close…).

The food was spectacular…ly presented. It was gorgeous and impeccably placed on our “hotplates” with care. (see pictures below) Of course, this is in comparison to the food that we get back home which may or may not look as if it has already once been eaten or was prepared a few days ago in the expectation that eventually someone will order a chicken enchilada and heating it in the microwave will be so much easier than making it fresh.

So aside from presentation, I’m sure you are all wondering what it tasted like – as was I. And I have to give it to them – for being more than 5000 miles away from the Mexican border, they did a great job! Kudos to you, Restaurant Mexico. I ordered the “Combinacion” – just simply “Combinacion” – and although the name, due to it’s lack of traditional numbering, may muster images and thoughts like “bland as hell” – it was great. It consisted of a burrito with chicken and pineapple and a taco with fried bananas and cheese, topped with ground beef. Interesting flavors and textures which all together, within a tortilla, make an excellent meal.

Photographic proof:

Restaurant Mexico

Notice the tiny bowl of chips and salsa – my immediate reaction was, of course, “this is just a teaser, the real chips and salsa are coming any moment.” But alas, that was it.

Restaurant Mexico

And this was my meal…white rice and all.

If you go to Hasselt, Belgium for any reason in the near future, I would recommend a short visit to Restaurant Mexico – if for nothing else than the experience.



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  • Comment by Randi and Frazier — September 3, 2009 @ 10:47

    We may be one, er…two of your few readers who can actually say we’ll be in Hasselt in the near future! So I will take your advice…and go to Restaurant Mexico! These pictures made me really want Mexican food…and I just had it Tuesday!

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