Here it is…

The beginning….

The beginning of what, You may ask yourself? ……no, it is not the beginning of a use of a rather high ratio of ellipses to words, but rather the beginning of a long and tedious, love-hate relationship with what is now known as “The Ross Chronicles” – a blog for the uninformed.

From now on, through this blog, you will be graced with information about my life – including my family, my friends, my dog, my emotions, and everything else I may choose to share. I will be offensive and judgmental and won’t feel bad about doing it. I will be loving and caring and will feel great about myself for many hours afterward. I will add humor and fun and will make it enjoyable – for you and me.

So today, I have this to share:

I am in Europe visiting my parents – naturally we had fresh bread in the kitchen – I grab a piece and begin my tri-daily process of eating till I explode, when at that exact moment my mom asks me to take a trash can and two pillows back downstairs, items that were misplaced during 1) our naps on the couches and 2) trash consolidation.

I take these items down the stairs and to their respective places, all the while still holding my piece of bread and waiting for the ideal moment to resume the devouring process. However, while visiting downstairs I pass the bathroom and think how nice a brief relief would be. I walk in and close the door. I look around for a place to set my bread (the sink, the heater, the back of the toilet, maybe I could lay out the towel and set it on there, is there a soap dish? I’m sure it’d be clean…), but alas my search comes up fruitless, for I’m too much of a germiphob to just place it on any surface. I sift the options as the mounting need-to-pee increases exponentially just based on the fact that I’m NEAR a toilet. I came up with the perfect solution, and all I have to say is:






  • Comment by Ross — September 1, 2009 @ 16:13

    This, my friends, is a test comment. Perhaps you should like to add your own test comment below?

  • Comment by Cynthia — September 2, 2009 @ 14:45

    Now I’ve forgotten what my witty comment was going to be but at least now I can rest easier knowing that I am no longer prohibited from commenting!

  • Comment by Amanda — September 2, 2009 @ 20:01

    Hah! That bread does look pretty good.

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