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  • July26th

    I love music, and I am going to try to make it a habit of making Music Monday happen EVERY Monday. I want to share with you the music that I love and tell you why…the stories behind them and the feelings and emotions I feel when I listen to them…

    The evening before I left for Belgium, my best friend, Hannah, and I had met some of my greatest friends (Sara, Katie, and Ruth) for dinner in Shreveport (about an hour from our TX house in which we were staying). It was one last goodbye before I left the country and probably wouldn’t see them for about a year or more.

    Emotional is one word to describe it, but it truly doesn’t even begin to cover it. Saying “see you later” to Ruth, Sara, and Katie was so hard and I was quite distraught; and since Hannah and I share one brain, she was not in the best shape either.

    [background info] So, there’s one thing everyone that ever drives with me and/or Hannah and that is that we never drive in silence – there will always be music playing and most likely some out-of-key singing…or at least from my seat! ;)

    So we pull out of the parking lot after a failed attempt at getting desert (Strawn’s was closed), both crying our eyes out, and desperately trying to find a song that didn’t remind us of the good times and memories. Yet every song I played somehow reminded me (and us) of something, some time, or someone…

    I came across the song “Radio, Radio” by Brooke White and said “here, I’ll play this one, I don’t even think I’ve ever heard it – I have no emotional attachment to it!” I thought it would be perfect…some song that neither of us knew and couldn’t somehow relate to.

    Well…you can listen and find out why (after <2 minutes of listening to it) I laughed through choked tears and said “That’s the worst one yet!”

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  • July21st


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    A couple of weeks ago, my dad turned 50 years old! (Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you!) So in celebration of this milestone, we took a trip to Prague! Dad had been mentioning for a while that he wanted to go there, so what better occasion to do so?

    Prague was an amazing city – full of life and energy. It wasn’t hard with such amazing surroundings, scenery, and the history that goes with every stone in the street.

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  • July21st

    So mom and I went to look around Leuven for an apartment a few weeks back…and man, did we some winners! :~/

    But we did see one winner! And I jumped on it! We’ve slowly been moving stuff into the apartment – most of it from IKEA – some of it even came from the second-hand store! I’ll be posting about the IKEA trips and furniture and the final apartment soon! For now, here are some pictures of the apartment we decided on:

    And here are some pictures of the less desirable apartments we saw…

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