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A couple of weeks ago, my dad turned 50 years old! (Happy Birthday, Dad! I love you!) So in celebration of this milestone, we took a trip to Prague! Dad had been mentioning for a while that he wanted to go there, so what better occasion to do so?

Prague was an amazing city – full of life and energy. It wasn’t hard with such amazing surroundings, scenery, and the history that goes with every stone in the street.

In case you’re wondering where Prague is, here’s a map:

Prague has between 1.3-2 million people depending on whether you count only the city or the entire metropolitan area. Either way, it’s a pretty happenin’ place!

Prague’s history since it’s founding in ~200BC. Prague was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire and underwent many changes after both World Wars. If you’re more curious Prague’s history, visit HERE.

Our visit was short, just one night in the city, but it was great. The weather was very hot that day, and it is my hope that we may return in the future at more temperate time of year! :) But we got to see much of the city’s main attractions and also visited their National Museum.

I urge you go view the entire album of Prague on my flickr page, it truly is a spectacular city!

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    Like the new look. A lot.

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