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  • August31st

    Today is Randi’s birthday. For over 21 years now, she’s been the best sister anyone could ever wish for. The only thing I ever remember us not agreeing about was how often we should go to the Citgo station after school and get a Diet Dr. Pepper with cherry syrup.  (I thought everyday sounded good, but she thought only 2x-3x a week was plenty!)

    I remember her mixed CDs that we always played on the way to and from school (we rarely (or rather…EVER?) drove without music on…and I still don’t to this day!), she had an oldies playlist and if memory serves me correctly, Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison was one of the first songs. It’s one of my favorites and never fails to remind me of my sister.

    When I got pictures printed to put up in my apartment, I just picked some favorites out of my facebook pictures and when I was going through them, I couldn’t help but notice how many there were of me and Randi.

    But when I think about, I shouldn’t be surprised there are so many, because for 21 years, Randi’s been one of my best friends – and I hate that I’m not there to help her celebrate, but I hope she has the most amazing birthday ever!

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  • August30th

    Happy Monday, everyone! Enjoy your Music Monday!

    Story behind this song:

    I first heard this song in this video:

    and I liked it :) Not an exciting story, but I like the video and I like the song. hahaha


    – Ross

  • August29th

    So the other day, I got frustrated because my mom doesn’t use Google Chrome.

    Now I know there’s a HUGE debate out there on what is the best browser, and I’m not planning on solving it here. The truth is, there’s so much that goes on UNDERNEATH the hood of these browsers that I’m only touching the surface (literally). But in all seriousness, it loads webpages and that’s what most of us use browsers for anyway. I don’t think my mom is going to be doing any major programming anytime soon that would lend her the need of anything more than Chrome can offer.

    So here are some of the simple and most used features on Google Chrome – and why you should think about using it, too!

    That is a screen capture of what Chrome looks like on a mac. Gorgeous isn’t it? So here are the reason why I think it’s the best browser…

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  • August28th

    Need a Laugh?

    Posted in: Funny

    So I’ve been subscribing to the RSS feed of a TON of blogs lately – many of them funny ones :)

    Seeing clever and funny pictures like this make laugh SO hard and often just make my day! So I’m going to share some of my favorites!

    I’ve gotten most of them from one of the following sites: FAILBlog, Engrish, Best WTF, and Very Demotivational.

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  • August25th

    As hard as I tried to write a post about controversial subjects (religion & gay marriage, specifically) without pissing someone off…I just couldn’t seem to fit everything I felt into one blog post and make it somehow appeal to everyone. I felt like I was pushing my beliefs on people and that is something I’m completely against.

    That’s why this post will be about “respect,” because that is what we all deserve. Granted, my views will obviously show through in this post, and I apologize if I offend anyone in anyway. The point of this post is to merely explain how I view our differences and how I have learned to cherish them – no matter how great the divide. I hope one day that this view may be commonplace.

    So, with that being said, I shall bestow upon you my most cherished belief of this world (and a few others here and there…). I, of course, believe they are the best views. As everyone else tends to think their views are the best! But the difference between me and a lot of other people is that I’m open to discussion about these views. I’m not closeted to the fact that I’m gay, that I’m not at all religious, that I’m fiscally conservative yet socially liberal – these are the things that make me who I am! But something else that makes me who I am is that I have a mind that is open to new ideas and debate.

    I tend to base my beliefs on information. For instance, i’ve read more information on the success of the free markets than controlled markets, therefore I believe that free markets prevail. Not to say that regulation isn’t needed, because we can’t ignore the human factor – humans are innately competitive, greedy, make mistakes and rash judgements, and live in a bubble surrounded by their own beliefs.

    I also believe humans are innately good.

    I remember sitting at the Bistro (a restaurant in my home town) speaking with a friend of mine. We somehow always got into philosophical conversations, so naturally, one was taking place at that time. I mentioned that I think all humans were innately good and that I actually have a lot of faith in society as a whole – even though that faith is often faltering at moments of uncertainty, somehow I always come back to my belief that everything will work out. Being devout in her religion (non-denominational christianity), she said that she did not believe everyone was innately “good.” Instead, she actually believed that everyone was innately “bad” and could only be saved upon the acceptance of Christ.

    Although I feel that believing everyone is innately “bad” is a bit of a pessimistic way to live one’s life, I have nothing but respect for her beliefs. Because she deserves that. We all do. It would not be my place to try to convince her otherwise, but instead merely express what I believe and let her soak it up – just as I did with her ideas.

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