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The song you are about to hear is pure awesomeness…

Don’t you just wanna slap your knee and stomp your feet?! Well…I do. And if you don’t, move on. hahaha

This song brings back quite a few memories for me, too.

About 4 months ago, Old Crow Medicine Show showed up on my iTunes genius recommendations – so I downloaded their top 2 downloads. I loved them! THEN, like a sign from heaven, they were going to be at Jazz Fest ON the SAME day that I’d already bought a ticket for! So I told Hannah, who I went to Jazz Fest with, that we had to see them! She’d (naturally…) already heard of them and had planned on going to their stage long before my personal request. haha. :)

Although we didn’t get to see them perform Wagon Wheel, they were AMAZING live – and I developed quite a crush for the lead singer…mostly because I wish I could sing and play the fiddle and play the harmonica and play pretty much every other instrument on the planet. haha.

Well, that’s enough reading for a Monday – So go enjoy your day!

– Ross

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