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I think this could really be summed up by saying “Let’s bring common sense back to America.”

That is one thing I’ve noticed since being here in Belgium – it seems the government and their laws puts a lot more emphasis on trusting the people to actually have some sense for themselves.

There are not stop signs on EVERY corner, you’re simply supposed to yield to the person to your right. I mean, come on people, you’re coming upon an intersection of another street that probably has cars on it – maybe you should come to a stop. They don’t require a sign to tell them to….we do.

Also, I have not ONCE seen a “floor wet” or “caution: slippery when wet” sign. The other day I walked into a magazine/book store; it had been raining and they had polished concrete floors and a tiny rug that did little to help after more than 5 people had stepped on it. The floor in the foyer was quite wet and I trudged on with caution…because it had been raining…and the rug wasn’t suited for heavy traffic of wet shoes, and they had concrete floors…so YES! THE FLOORS WERE WET!!! Immmmaaaaggggggiiiiiinnnnnnne thaaaaat…

And I’m sure this has a lot to do with their legal system, not that everything here in Belgium is hunky-dory, but I can guarantee you that when someone slips on the floor of a store and there wasn’t a “Floor wet” sign, their first instinct won’t be to call their lawyer…and I can’t say the same for a large portion of people back home.

Enjoy the video:

– Ross

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