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Every once in a while I come across a song that is inextricably linked to a memory of one of both of my parents.

Two of these songs are below, preceded by their story:

One of these songs is Lyle Lovett’s ‘If I Had a Boat.’ It makes me think of Dad EVERY time! I don’t really remember playing it in the car much, although I’m sure we did. I remember mostly playing it in our house in Ruston. We had a speaker system set up in the Kitchen (it also played outside at the hottub!) and this is where I remember this CD playing. It’s from Lyle Lovett / Live In Texas album. The part I remember most is right before the song “Penguins”, they introduce Lyle by simply saying “Ladies and Gentlemen, Lyle Lovett…and his large band!” We always kind of made fun of this…wondering how large his band really was and if it should really just be rewarded with a less spectacular “medium-sized” title. But nonetheless, this song was heard many time in the kitchen of that house…and it is etched in my memory with a smile on my face.

My favorite part: “But Tonto he was smarter / And one day said kemo sabe / Kiss my ass I bought a boat / I’m going out to sea”

You may also want to look up the song ‘Penguins’ – kinda a fun song :)

[side note] Dad actually just walk while this song was playing – I paused it – and he said “aw, man, don’t stop it!”

This next song reminds me of mom. She loves Natalie Merchant, and with good reason – I love her, too! I don’t have any certain memories of when or where this song was played, but I remember it well and know it was played OFTEN! haha. This song: ‘Kind and Generous’ is probably my favorite (as well as Mom’s) – and I also like ‘Wonder’. But I shall include ‘Kind and Generous’ because the lyrics are very much what I wish I could say so many times over and over to both of my parents:

so, “I want to thank you, show my gratitude, my love and my respect for you, I wanna thank you!”

Enjoy your Monday!

– Ross

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