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So the other day, I got frustrated because my mom doesn’t use Google Chrome.

Now I know there’s a HUGE debate out there on what is the best browser, and I’m not planning on solving it here. The truth is, there’s so much that goes on UNDERNEATH the hood of these browsers that I’m only touching the surface (literally). But in all seriousness, it loads webpages and that’s what most of us use browsers for anyway. I don’t think my mom is going to be doing any major programming anytime soon that would lend her the need of anything more than Chrome can offer.

So here are some of the simple and most used features on Google Chrome – and why you should think about using it, too!

That is a screen capture of what Chrome looks like on a mac. Gorgeous isn’t it? So here are the reason why I think it’s the best browser…

1) The bookmarks. This could be reason number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7! I just love that the bookmarks show the icons; therefore, you can just delete the actual text and use the icon – save SO much room! That picture there shows 30 bookmarks – how many are on your screen? This alone in a reason you should use Chrome.

2) Tabs. Super easy to use – just drag them around! Drag to reorder, drag outside of current windows to create a new window or combine windows by just dragging them together.

3) Simple Interface. Back, forward, refresh, home, bookmark. 5 buttoms….I think we can all handle that ;)

4) Address + Search Bar. Same thing, one in the same, both in the same place, not separate. Super convenient. Enough said.

5) Extensions. I’m able to see my facebook notications/wall/messages, my Gmail, my Google Voice, StumbleUpon, I can search for YouTube videos immediately without having to go to YouTube first, I can shorten URLS with the click of one button, I can combine all open windows with one click, and I can search for similar pages. There are HUNDREDS of extensions, these are just the ones I’ve found that are perfect for me.

The only downside for Google Chrome is the system requirements. It is only written for Mac OSX 10.5+ Intel only. There’s a microsoft version, too, but I don’t use windows…so just follow the download link below to see if you have the right system requirements.

So if I’ve convinced you that Google Chrome is awesome enough for you: click here to make your life easier.

If you want some extensions to go with your new toy: go here

Today is Sunday, so tomorrow is Music Monday! I’ll think of something inspirational or enjoyable or something…something to start your week off right!


– Ross

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