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  • September30th

    So here’s another alliterative day for ya (Music Monday, Funny Friday…and now…Thoughtful Thursday)!

    I come across a lot of pictures or stories or videos that really make me think; make me look back on my life; make me truly wonder what it’s like in other places or in the lives of other people.

    That is what Thursday will now be reserved for – I’m going to share with you the most interesting stories I find during my internet searches and blog readings. I’m going to share with you pictures and quotes that will hopefully make you realize or ponder something that you might not usually.

    So today, I give you these visuals and pictures and quotes:



  • September29th

    So ya know how Dante wrote The Inferno? In that book, he included 9 levels of hell:

    1st – Limbo, 2nd – Lust, 3rd – Gluttony, 4th – Avarice and Prodigality, 5th – Wrath and Sullenness, 6th – Heresy, 7th – Violence, 8th – Fraud, 9th – Treachery.

    Well, I submit that there should be a 1.5th (pronunciation: one-and-a-half-th) level specifically for KULeuven’s registration and enrollment process.

    You may think I am kidding and over exaggerating, and…I am. But then again, this is my story:

    So please sit back and allow me to start from the beginning.

    I applied, of course, and that was not an issue. I was very fortunately accepted to all the schools I applied to and chose KULeuven because of it’s ranking in the Top 100 schools of the world, top 25 in Europe, and it’s amazing history! Plus, it’s in Leuven which is beyond amazing in-&-of itself! So after I was accepted, I was told that I needed to visit the International Students Office to show my original diplomas (high school and university!). Well…naturally, I didn’t bring those to Europe with me! I tend not to carry my diplomas everywhere – I know this is crazy, but it’s just one of those things…

    So I got to ask my wonderful sister to go to our TX house and search SOMEWHERE for my diplomas. Fortunately I didn’t throw them into the bottom of a box like I did everything else! So she sends them to me…now I’m ready to go.

    So I go to the International Students Office and they say “Looks good. Do you have your application letter?” Well, I didn’t, because I found out about my acceptance through email and apparently they sent my official acceptance letter to our US address. Prima! Well, she was nice enough to print me another – actually two (this is important, by the way) – and she told me that all I needed to do was take this acceptance letter to the Registrar’s Office on or after August 15th and I could do the rest from there and officially become a KUL student.

    So in a few weeks, I moved in, got situated in Leuven, and August 15th rolls around. Now, in this time frame, I also had my visa approved and received a temporary visa while waiting for my official identity card to arrive. This is also important.

    So I take my letter of admissions and my temporary visa paper to the Registrar’s Office.

    The Registrar’s Office:

    I lay them both on the counter and say, “yes, hi, I need to register for this year…” She looks at the papers and asks me if I have my Passport. I did not. I HAD MY VISA. So she turns around asks some other girl (I can only assume someone who must’ve been more aware of what was going on? I don’t know…) if it’s okay if I just have my visa and not my passport. The other girl replies “we prefer your passport.”

    So they would rather have my passport rather than my visa that required me to have: my passport, birth certificate (notarized by the LA Secretary of State), letter of acceptance to KUL, FBI background check, bill of good health from my Dr., visit from the Police to prove I actually had a place to reside, and the promise of my first born child. But no. Passport is “preferred” and it was in Hasselt. So I got to wait a week until I saw my parents again to get my passport.

    However, while I was there, they also inform me that my letter of acceptance isn’t stamped and asked if I have another. Well, whatdyaknow – I sure do! And apparently only one of them is stamped and approved for registration. YAY for…I don’t know…not being able to look me up in a computer or something?!

    So I leave the registrar’s for the first time with absolutely nothing accomplished.

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  • September27th

    Music Monday!

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    Welcome, everyone, to the beginning of a new week and another edition of Music Monday! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful week!

    I hope to start it off with a thought-provoking song that I think you may enjoy:


    – Ross

    Post Script – I START SCHOOL THIS WEEK! :D I actually go to an infosession about my Masters program in about an hour – then classes start tomorrow! I’ll be posting this week about the insanity that was/is (still…) getting a schedule… ;) hahaha

  • September25th

    Here are BOTH sets of 7 videos from YouTube of Ellen’s standup routines: The Beginning and Here and Now. They are AMAZING! I can’t recommend them enough!

    I you don’t have time to watch all of the videos, you DEFINITELY need to watch:

    “The Beginning” – Part 2 – start at time ~9:50!

    “Here and Now” – Part 7 – start at beginning and watch to at least till ~2:40!

    Each of these videos is totally worth your time, though…

    You can thank me later!

    Ellen Degeneres – The Beginning


    CLICK HERE to view entire post and see all the videos!

  • September24th

    Funny Friday!!!!

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    This is an extra large edition of Funny Friday!!! Enjoy!

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