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Here are BOTH sets of 7 videos from YouTube of Ellen’s standup routines: The Beginning and Here and Now. They are AMAZING! I can’t recommend them enough!

I you don’t have time to watch all of the videos, you DEFINITELY need to watch:

“The Beginning” – Part 2 – start at time ~9:50!

“Here and Now” – Part 7 – start at beginning and watch to at least till ~2:40!

Each of these videos is totally worth your time, though…

You can thank me later!

Ellen Degeneres – The Beginning



Ellen Degeneres – Here & Now




– Ross

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  • Comment by Mom — September 25, 2010 @ 20:51

    Thanks for this post. I love Ellen. BTW, did you know she grew up in Metairie, then moved to Atlanta,Texas where she finished high school? Atlanta, Texas is a town of 6000 people 30 minutes north of Jefferson! Small world.

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