Today’s Music Monday is a special one…

I would like to dedicate the following song and this post to my best friend in the world: Hannah. I know I’ve mentioned her before, but I’d like to take a moment to tell you just how awesome she really is. (Click below to see the entire post)

The song above means so much to me for many reasons. For one, it was on one of the first Mix-CDs Hannah ever made for me. And 2, it says everything there is to say about my relationship with Hannah. I know that when I call or email or text her with a problem, she’ll know just what to say. I’ll text her on my fat days and she’ll say “you’re just fine the way you are – so what’s the matter?” And if I ever had an issue with someone I know I could call her up and she’d tell me that “they don’t love you, ’cause they don’t know you like I do.” And that’s certainly true – there truly is no one else on Earth who knows me quite like Hannah. Randi, my sister, knows about 99% of everything and Hannah knows 99.9%. That’s why these two amazing people are truly my “best friends.”

I met Hannah in Kindergarten at AEP – 16 years ago. That’s a lot of history. Although I moved away from 1st-5th grades, we’ve shared so much and have had so much of our histories intertwined, there’s just no substitute for that. We have so many inside jokes I don’t think we even remember the history of half of them. It’s just something I love so much, and I’d have it no other way. I wish everyone in the world could have a Hannah like I do…the world would be such a better place, I believe.

I don’t remember much from kindergarten, but Hannah will never let me forget how I kicked her out of our “club” because she didn’t eat from the salad bar. Did this happen? Probably. Do I remember? No. Will I ever live it down? Not as long as Hannah’s in my life – which will be always. But that’s okay, cause I always give her a hard time for not talking to me much in Junior High School (which she adamantly denies…). Will she ever live that down? Absolutely not. hahaha ;)  So we’re even!

In high school we went to…5 or 6? …I lose count – but we went to a lot of dances together in High School – Homecoming, Prom, BUMS formal, etc. etc. And I must say, even though I’m sure she got bored having me take her to EVERY freakin’ dance…I, personally, would have it no other way.

I arranged those flowers, too ;) #red/gayflag? hahaha

Although we’ve been really close for a long time, we got even closer when she moved to Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Although it was only a few hours away, it was far enough away to realize I missed her like crazy! I would go visit every once in a while and we’d always meet up for a random drive with all the windows down through Grambling (our favorite pasttime!)  whenever she came back home.

This picture is pretty damn accurate in the sense that it takes us about this many pictures every time to get one we both like ;) When we get one on the first time, we’re both SHOCKED. That’s why most of the pictures I have of us are taken with my arm extended – because if someone else were to offer to take our picture…they’d be there a while. ;) hahaha We both just sit there taking picture after picture saying “you look Great! Me on the other hand…um…let’s just take another…”

We actually went on a couple of mini-vacations to our Jefferson house, which usually ended in a few too many margaritas and homemade music videos. Unfortunately…there is proof of this on YouTube…do NOT go search it out. hahaha

When Hannah moved to her current school in Tennessee, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. Her being 4 hours away in Baton Rouge was hard enough, now she was 8! So what did I do? I just made the 8 hour treck to visit, and every time she came back home was a mini-celebration for me. We met up in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and then again for Jazz Fest (2 years) – because our awesomeness comes out at no better point than in an entire city of crazy people ;) aka – New Orleans.

Before I came to Belgium, I went to Nashville one last time as Hannah was finishing up her finals. I helped her move and tried to help her (unsuccessfully, unfortunately) find a new apartment for the next year. I stayed for 2 weeks. I don’t know many people that I could spend 2 weeks with, 24 hours a day – attached at the hip – and be overwhelmingly sad when it’s over. Me and Hannah are both so independent, I can’t believe we’re able to spend so much unending time together and not kill each other. But that’s just our dynamic…we work – and I’d have it no other way.

We like the same jokes. We like the same people. We have the same sense of humor. We think the same things are stupid and ridiculous. We like the same movies. We like the same music. We can just look at each other and laugh for 10 minutes without saying a word – neither of us knowing what’s really funny. It’s great. I’d have it no other way.

Well…now here I sit in Belgium. I thought Hannah being 4 hours away was bad – then I thought her being 8 hours away was bad – but that’s nothing to her being 24 hours and $1000 plane ticket away. I knew it would be hard, but I always thought: we can email, we can text, we can ichat! And that’s all true – and we do so daily, but I miss her wonderful hugs. I miss seeing her gorgeous smile in person. And something about hearing the two of us laugh in the same room makes my heart feel at home no matter where we are. Hopefully she’ll come visit me very soon, and there are plans in the works, but it can’t get here soon enough.

Hannah was the first person I came out to. She was the first person to hear me say outloud “I’m gay.” I’d definitely have it no other way.

Her response: “Ross, I will always love you no matter what.”

And that’s exactly what she has done.

Hannah took me to the airport as I left the states to take up residency in Belgium. The ride to the airport was full of attempts to find songs that didn’t in some way remind us of each other (see THIS post)- a completely impossible feat. So by the end of the ride my tear ducts were already pretty empty. But it took every effort in my heart and soul to not cry as I checked in and got my ticket. We went up the escalators and I stopped to sit in the chairs at the top. I set down my bags and checked my phone. Another AMAZING friend of mine, Ruth (who I’d said ‘see ya later’ (never goodbye) to the night previously), had texted me. She said “I’m sitting at Walpole Tire and just burst into tears – stop making me cry!” At that point it really hit me, I was at the airport, my bags were making their way to the plane and I had a ticket in my hand. I put my sunglasses on inside, in the airport to hide my watering eyes. Hannah had already beat me by putting hers on. We’re convinced we’re ugly when we cry – hahahaha! And then came the “see ya later.”

Hannah was my last hug on American soil – and I’d have it no other way.

I cannot thank the universe enough for the technology available to us today. Thanks to Google Voice and iChat, I can text hannah as often as I want and she can text me for free. We text and email…a TON every day. If 24 hours passes without us talking to each other, we’ll text the next day and say “it’s been so long!” as if a whole month has passed and we have so much to update each other on! & I’d have it no other way.

There is no “Hannah is LIKE family.” Hannah is family.  Now THAT I would certainly have no other way.

So with all the love in my heart: to the best friend anyone could ever have – here’s to the past 16 years, and here’s to 60+ more.

– “Ross Beth”

P.S. – Ya gotta love how you can pretty much timeline all of those photos via my hair styles and weight fluctuations…hahaha. Hannah looks gorgeous 24/7/365 since the moment I met her – even if she refuses to see it! The only thing more gorgeous than her appearance is her soul – and I couldn’t be more thankful that I’ve gotten to know it so well.


  • Comment by Mom — September 20, 2010 @ 12:29

    This is such a sweet post and I too hope to see Hannah in Belgium very soon!

  • Comment by Cynthia — October 4, 2010 @ 19:33

    I just need you to know…I’m sitting in my office catching up on your blog and now as I read this post I’m sitting her bawling my eyes out! I’ve always loved your friendship with Hannah, the way you two complement each other and the undeniable fact that you love each other so much! Thanks for sharing this! I MISS YOU!

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