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  • October31st

  • October29th

    Funny Friday!!!

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    To start your weekend with a smile, here’s another edition of FUNNY FRIDAY!

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  • October25th

    So I found these pictures when I searching for an email from Randi that she sent a LONG time ago regarding her art work that was to be featured in a TV show. Either way, the search terms only brought up a few emails and one of them included these pictures that I emailed her a few days after I got Merlot. I just had to share since I didn’t include them in my original post.

    This is her at the animal shelter – first time I saw her! That’s my friend Clay holding her. She seems so small!!! (Cause she was, I suppose!) I don’t know what happened, but she is always so skiddish with new people – something must have happened in the short period between her birth and when the animal shelter caught her. :( I’m glad she was in a loving home with me and is now in another one with cynthia!

    Okay…there…that’s probably the last post I’ll do on Merlot for a while, because although it’s an absolutely futile attempt, I try not to think about her too much :(

    But I couldn’t help but share these photos!


    – Rosss

  • October25th

    Music Monday!

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    Takin’ ya back with a good oldie ;)

    WHAMMMM! I think I have a Halloween costume ;) hahah


    – Ross

  • October22nd

    So I watch a lot of YouTube videos and my favorite kind of videos is COMEDY!!!!! So I’m going to share some with you now!

    I hope this starts your weekend with a smile an a laugh! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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