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Happy Monday, everyone!!!! :D I hope you all have a GREAT week!


I was first introduced to Milow when I heard his cover of Ayo Technology that is originally by 50Cent featuring Justin Timberlake (original HERE). There’s no doubt that, despite the insanely crazy & weird music video, I like Milow’s edition much more. Not to mention, 50Cent is a bonafide ass. So yeah – here’s Ayo Technology by Milow:

The other day, I mentioned this song and someone informed that he is actually from Leuven (where I’m currently living in Belgium)! What a small world! So I downloaded his most recent album and I must say I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! The albums I bought: “The Bigger Picture” and “Coming of Age” – I really do love all the songs…

Here are my absolute favorites:

“Sometimes everything seems awkward and large
imagine a Wednesday evening in march
future and past at the same time”

“Hey, have you heard the radio news
They say that soon all hell will break loose
Me, I am trying to do my part
But really changing the world seems so hard

“One shot of happy, two shots of sad
That’s how our lives are aligned
The path that you chose has got highs has got lows
But it’s never what you have in mind”

“What did God wanna show when He created man weak
We don’t understand in our house by the creek”

“We wait for the light
to break through the summer night
I hope I run into you tomorrow
and I hope you will talk to me until
the morning comes until the morning comes”

Hope you enjoyed!


– Ross

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  • Comment by Tinne — October 18, 2010 @ 22:51

    “Someone” informed you? ;-) Thanks for remembering my name. :-p Btw, you can totally go and spot him on the Oude Markt on a summery evening! (In case you’re considering stalking him…)


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