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I haven’t done much research on the “Pot Roast” – quite the Southern US speciality in my opinion – but I imagine it basically started to take a bad cut of meat (tough meat) and throw in some vegetables you have lying around to make a delicious meal! Here is how I made this amazing pot roast!

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter too much what kind of meat you use, and it certainly doesn’t need to be a super fancy cut – you’ll cook it so long that it’ll be tender no matter what.

Next, salt and pepper the meat and sear it very quickly in a pan on both sides.

This actually adds a pretty good bit of flavor and supposedly helps keep in some of the juices – regardless, I love the flavor that it adds :)

Next, you’ll need carrots, onions, and potatoes…

Just cut them into big chunks – not too small, because they’ll turn mushy really fast.

Next, put a pretty good bit of water into a pan and add some beef  bullion cubes. Then add some of the vegetables into the pot, then add the meat:

All the deliciousness from the pan that you seared it in needs to go in the pot as well! Don’t waste it!

Then put the rest of the vegetables in there.

Cover the pot and leave it on low…for a REALLY long time. I ended up cooking mine for a total of aout 9-10 hours, then put it in the oven for a bit longer to finish it off (see below).

You’re going to cook it until the meet looks like the picture below; the meat will literally fall apart.

Now, I didn’t think the meat was 100% done to how much I like it, so I took the meat out (because the vegetables were done and couldn’t cook any longer) and put it in a smaller pan with some broth and put it in the oven on a moderate heat setting and let it cook for a little longer:

Then my mom and dad came over, I served in a large dish surrounded by the vegetables ,and it was LEKKER!!!

Good luck on your cooking adventures! :D

Got any questions?! Email me!


– Ross

P.S. – this also be done in a crockpot, a luxury I don’t have at my apartment. But I’ve made them before in a crockpot and it’s even easier!

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  • Comment by Justin — October 13, 2010 @ 00:07

    Looks amazingggg! Make me some. :)

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