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Watch out Ladies & Gentleman, cause something is in the water in North Louisiana!!!!

Not to raise alarm, but it may actually be in the entire Sparta Aquifer which is the source of H2O for much of that entire area! It’s creating an epidemic and it’s truly alarming!

But it’s okay…I think it’s possible that if you are in the affected area, you may be able to survive!  I recommend drinking water only from local creeks, rivers, lakes or collected rain that has been triple filtered through carbon, purified  by UV light, and boiled on a regular stove top or hot plate then cooled back down for consumption. [Please note that I do not condone drinking boiling water.] For information on creating safe drinking water, please see HERE.

You may be wondering when it will be safe to start drinking tap water again…and as soon as I stop receiving the weekly, if not daily, texts, emails, Facebook statuses, emails, and homing pigeons informing me of the pregnancies of people I graduated high school with or knew while I was in high school – – – then it will be safe.

I will, of course, keep you updated on any news.

Take luck, everyone!

– Ross

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