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Two days ago I survived yet another apocalypse. I remember vividly that the world was supposed to end at the turn of the millenium…made it through that one. May 21, 2011 came and went…made it through that one. Now we just have to wait for December 21, 2012 – supposedly yet another apocalypse will occur…I think I’ll continue to live my life and do my best in this world…just to be safe, in case it doesn’t happen again.

I’ve seen a lot of responses to the end-of-the-world-predictions, some humorous, some disappointing, and some just outright unacceptable and disrespectful.

For Example:


Speaking to him in such a tone and being so disrespectful hurts my heart. I mean, look at this video of him by a slightly more respectful reporter:



He seems like such a normal, sweet man – someone we see everyday, maybe even a neighbor or a family member!

I believe our reactions to such events as this, and CERTAINLY our reactions and actions towards individual people, should be more calculated. We should not always act with our first instincts, but instead reflect within before making judgements. We should not ridicule those that think differently than us, we are all entitled to our thoughts. It’s clear from the video that Mr. Fitzgerald was disappointed and in disbelief that the rapture had not started. He was simply misguided in his efforts by a fringe religious group preaching the calculated end of the world. He spent his life savings, over $140,000, on ads supporting the cause. He must now face the fact that his future is undoubtedly less assured than it was before.

Never underestimate the power of religion, cults, and charismatic leaders with atypical ideas. Afterall, Jim Jones somehow convinced 909 members of his creation, The Peoples’ Temple, to commit suicide by drinking cyanide-laced koolaid – first giving the drink to the children, then to the adults. This is still on record as one of the largest mass suicides in history.


So what am I saying here?


Stay respectful and choose your leaders wisely.


– Ross


Post Script: If you’re interested in viewing a PBS documentary on The Peoples’ Temple, HERE IS A LINK. This link will take you to part one of 9 parts. The other parts will be links in the sidebar and you can go from there.


UPDATE: Well, this is a twist I didn’t see coming…so let me add this to my advice: Stay respectful, choose your leaders wisely, and admit when you’re wrong.

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