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So my program’s graduation “ceremony” was last week. My cousin accompanied me to celebrate with my friends who were actually graduating (I still have to finish my thesis, so I was not graduating). But I have to admit, I was woefully unprepared for what was to come AFTER the ceremony was over…I walked past the table where the graduates were receiving their transcripts and diplomas and was told “you can get your results even if you didn’t pass.”  My heart sank. I was under the impression that I would have a few more hours (read: drinks) to prepare myself!  I told the lady my name and literally shook as she handed me my results…I was prepared for the worst.

I stood staring at the paper attempting to find the right column to look at – I could tell Anna, my cousin, was a little nervous as my face gave no clues and she knew how nervous I was! I kept scanning the column full of numbers over 10 certain I must have been looking at the wrong column. I finally looked up holding back tears and said in a shaky voice, “I did it! I passed all of them!” She gave me a big hug and I immediately ran down stairs to call my parents and Laurel. Neither of whom immediately picked up their phones!!!  Finally I got in touch with Mom and Dad and immediately start crying as I told them that all the hard work I’d put in had finally paid off.

I have to admit, I’m still a bit in shock over a week later…All the hours, days, and weeks I spent at the library studying my ass off – all for the moment of seeing that paper.

My transcript – showing I passed all of my exams (lowest grade of 12/20 this semester – WOOHOO!!) – now has a prominent position on my fridge :)

Once I finish and defend my thesis (hopefully in the next couple of months), I will officially be a Master of Science, Business Economics: Managerial Economics and Strategy; minor: International Business.

Thank you for all the finger crossing, candle lighting, prayers, and good vibes y’all sent my way!




– Ross


P.S. – all the C’s in that column are the key/code for “passing” – it’s uncorrelated with the traditional grading scale of the US’s A, B, C, D, & F.  haha Just FYI


  • Comment by Mom — July 16, 2011 @ 17:04

    I have to say you definitely worked hard for those scores. Proficiat! We are as happy and as proud as you are!

  • Comment by Deb B — July 28, 2011 @ 10:40

    Just now seeing this! Congrats, Ross! Wishing you many more successes. Glad Anna was there to celebrate with you.

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