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  • July1st

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    The blok starts out innocent enough: you wake up somewhat excited at the start of a new routine – awake early, shower, actually put some time and thought into what you look [and smell] like, arrive at the library early with bag and books and bottle of water in hand to wait in line till they open. You spend a good 4-5 hours studying with the somewhat frequent YouTube-distraction-break, then it’s lunch – just a quick one so you can get back on track for studying. Then it’s more studying till 19h-20h and you call it a day. Fall asleep to comedy shows.

    Then you get to the second and third weeks where the hatred of your new routine has now dwarfed the previous appreciation you had for it. You wake up before your alarm due to bright sun entering your windows at ungodly hours in the morning, and you roll out of bed wondering what fresh Hell the day will bring. You wet your hair down within an acceptable afro range and comb it in the hopes it will stay down for most of the day to prevent a jew-fro despite the fact you’re Scotch-Irish. You throw on clothes not caring that someone will undoubtedly notice you’ve been wearing the same zero-effort outfit for the past 5 days. You add a Diet Coke to your study bag for the caffeine…which is soon replaced by multiple RedBulls after the Diet Coke loses any and all effect…you also tend to forget about the water, too…eff that, right? Then you get to wait in line at the library, moping and sighing so everyone knows just how ridiculous you think it is that one has to WAIT IN LINE AT A LIBRARY. So nowadays your studying is less frequently interrupted with YouTube-distraction-breaks, since at this point the exams are taking place seemingly every other day and you’ve somehow managed to read hundreds of pages of textbook and write 70-100+ pages of notes for each class; yet still also manage to read over it and think “there’s no way I wrote this…I’ve never seen this before…WTF?!” Then you go home and fall asleep to some depressing documentary about teenagers with children in abusive families and ya think “well, at least I won’t have a teenager at my 10 year reunion…?”

    Then you enter the last week of studying…You wake up and instead of “wondering what fresh Hell the day will bring” you pretty much know at this point….and you certainly dont give a rat’s a** what you look like – cologne takes on new meanings, by the way. You’re 4 exams deep into the Blok and you’ve got ONE more. You wake up in the mornings of the last week cursing the day you signed up for this class thinking it would be easy…You take your last ¬†exam…probably fail it…then you’re done!

    If you ever finish an exam period not knowing what to do with yourself – I’ll tell you what I did: I finished my exam period by leaving the exam room and making a bee-line to the nearest bar.


    Now I await my results…July 7th…I certainly wonder what Hell that day will bring…for the love of God, PLEASE keep your fingers crossed for me!!!!! :~)


    Y’all have a great day now, ya hurr?!


    – Ross

  • November7th

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    Guys…I’m SO sorry for missing funny Friday! I was so excited about my sister 7 nephew arriving yesterday, it completely sipped my mind! So here’s your weekly dose of Funny!

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  • October29th

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    Funny Friday!!!

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    To start your weekend with a smile, here’s another edition of FUNNY FRIDAY!

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  • October22nd

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    So I watch a lot of YouTube videos and my favorite kind of videos is COMEDY!!!!! So I’m going to share some with you now!

    I hope this starts your weekend with a smile an a laugh! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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  • October15th

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    Funny Friday!

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    Happy Friday, everybody! :) Let’s start this weekend off with a smile, okay?! I hope you have a GREAT one!

    Mitch Hedberg might have something to say about this:

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