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  • October13th


    So I follow a lot of blogs, and lot of them are design blogs – home design, logo design, website design, etc! Every time I see a picture of a house or room that I love, I just put it in a folder on my computer so when I have enough money to build my dream house, I can point my architect to these pictures and say “build me a house like that”. So I figured why have all these pictures on my desktop and not use them for anything until then?! So I’m going to start sharing a few of them with you every once in a while! Today will be a huge post to kick things off right! ;)

    now, you may remember what my apartment looks like from THIS post – and I must say, I love everything about it. I like to call it modern eclectic…I love the mix of styles.

    So let me preface this by saying that I don’t want a MASSIVE huge monstrosity of a house – they’re so rarely well carried out that they turn out to be eye sores. I just want enough space for me and a partner, our kids if we’re lucky enough, visitors every once in a while, and a nice office. I mean, I’m living in about 500 sq. feet now and I find it to be about perfect – it makes you ponder: how much space do you really need? So – basically I want a nice, well-designed, well lit with huge windows, well-built, medium-sized house that resembles a combination of styles as I believe the pictures below do.

    So with this post, I’m gonna start off with living spaces:

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